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How to Get Good WiFi Coverage in Every Room at Your Home? Amazon eero Mesh WiFi System AX1800 Review

How to Get Good WiFi Coverage in Every Room at Your Home? Amazon eero Mesh WiFi System AX1800 Review

7 Best Smart WiFi Routers 2021 (Top Rated 7 Smart WiFi Routers 2021)

We Like
TP-Link AC1750 Smart WiFi Router (Archer A7)
+ Seriously Affordable
+ Reasonable Performance
+ Manages Network Congestion
- Limited Range
NETGEAR Nighthawk Smart Wi-Fi Router R6700
+ Great Speeds
+ Compelling Feature Set
+ Great for Gaming and Streaming
- Exceedingly Large Wall Wart
NETGEAR Nighthawk Smart Wi-Fi Router (R7000)
+ Good Range
+ Built-in VPN
+ Attractive Design
- Heavy Router
TP-Link AC1200 Gigabit WiFi Router (Archer A6)
+ Affordably Priced
+ Easy to Install
+ Supports MU-MIMO Streaming
- No USB Ports
Amazon eero mesh WiFi router
+ Uncongested Whole-Home Coverage
+ Straightforward Set-Up
+ Compact Design
- Limited Ports
Google Wifi (GJ2CQ)
+ Super-Simple Setup
+ Great Value
+ Excellent Design
- Limited Hardware Control
TP-Link WiFi 6 Router (Archer AX21)
+ Great Speeds
+ Compact Housing
+ Better Coverage
- Not Enough Capacity for Large Family

“WiFi is everywhere. That’s because we need the internet all the time nowadays. With all our smart devices, we continuously connect with the world through the internet. Mobile internet is almost on the verge of death after WiFi.”

Amazon eero 6 dual-band mesh Wi-Fi 6 system with built-in Zigbee smart home hub (3-pack, one eero 6 router + two eero 6 extenders)

WiFi is not a kind of internet service. It only makes share the internet from a single point to many devices wirelessly. But an average WiFi router has a limit to the distance that its signal can reach. To overcome that issue, mesh WiFi systems like Amazon eero mesh WiFi system AX1800 were found.

Lack of WiFi coverage in different rooms is a headache for many of us. If you are living in an apartment, this is not a problem for you. But the folks who live in houses have definitely experienced this. Worry no more because Amazon eero Mesh WiFi system AX1800 got you covered.

Let’s look into more details and find out what exactly it does to help us.

How Does a Mesh WiFi System Work?

I know some of you might be already swimming in unknown waters and barely surviving with a lack of information about mesh WiFi systems. Let me help you with that.

  1. First of all, for the Mesh WiFi network to work, you should own an internet connection to your home. Get the fastest internet network available in your area. Does not matter who the service provider is.
  2. Now you have a good internet connection. But internet speed in your kitchen is not fast as when you are in your living room. I know this is a horrible experience for anyone. You are paying for high-speed uninterrupted internet, but you never get to enjoy that apart from your living room.
  3. It is time for the mesh WiFi system. A typical mesh will contain a router and multiple extenders. There is no definite number for extenders you can have as much as you like.
  4. First, you have to connect the router of the mesh with your internet service provider’s router. You can do this with wires or wireless. The choice is yours, but I recommend the wired method. Because it is faster.
  5. The router itself is capable of giving extended WiFi coverage to your home. But for multi-story homes or much bigger homes can use the service of extenders.
  6. Extenders connect with the main router in the mesh system wirelessly. Then they act as new WiFi points that give you internet. I think 3 unit mesh system is enough to cover an average home with better internet speed.

How Many Units Do You Get With the eero 6 System?

Amazon eero mesh WiFi system AX1800 comes with three units default. But there are two more choices you can select from. I’ll list down all three below.

  1. 1 Router, 2 Extenders
  2. 3 Routers
  3. Extender only

If you are a new customer, what I recommend for you is the first option.

But in a house where you take internet services from multiple providers, you can go with the second option. Because multiple routers allow you to connect with them all.

The third option is more for adding extenders where you need more WiFi coverage.

How Much Area Does Amazon eero Mesh WiFi System AX1800 Cover?

A single router has a small area coverage compared to the mesh system. That is the reason in the first place for us to face coverage problem.

Amazon eero mesh WiFi system AX1800 is capable of covering 5000 sq. ft. But this can differ based on the walls in between the router and the extenders. Even with that mesh WiFi system is a good solution than a single router.

Does Amazon eero mesh WiFi system AX1800 Support WiFi 6?

WiFi 6 is a new development in WiFi technologies. It can deliver fast internet speeds and reach out to every corner of a room to give better coverage. Amazon eero mesh WiFi system AX1800 supports this technology bringing you the best in the tech world.

What is the Maximum WiFi Speed that Can You Get through eero 6 System?

Did you expect a lack in speed because these mesh systems reach the far ends of your home? Surprise! They are still capable of reaching WiFi speeds of 500 Mbps. What I just mentioned was wireless WiFi speed.

If you are using a wired connection for Amazon eero mesh WiFi system AX1800, you can reach up to 900 Mbps speeds.

Please note that speeds depend on your internet service provider’s internet speeds. Mesh WiFi system can not exceed that speed.

How Many Devices Does Amazon eero Mesh WiFi System AX1800 Support?

  • Supports 75+ Connections

Yes, you read it correctly. Your new WiFi mesh system can support more than 75 devices at once. It seems like the Amazon eero mesh WiFi system AX1800 is a good choice for cafés as well.

How to Set Up and Use eero 6?

Someone might have already suspected that setting up a mesh WiFi is a troublesome process. Actually, it is quite the opposite of that. You can set up Amazon eero mesh WiFi system AX1800 with 3 simple steps.

Step 1 – Download the eero app.

Step 2 – Plugin the eero devices into a power source and the router.

Step 3 – Let the Truemesh optimize your WiFi for your home.

Can I Connect to Alexa Through Amazon eero Mesh WiFi System AX1800?

The answer is Yes. The eero 6 acts as a Zigbee smart home hub that allows you to control the compatible devices on your WiFi network with Alexa.

“Alexa, dim the lights in the living room” voice command works with your Amazon eero mesh WiFi system AX1800.



When the internet wasn’t an essential service, we did not mind about the WiFi coverage much. But that has changed during the past few years a lot during the pandemic situation in the world.

Because of that, having good WiFi coverage throughout the home is a luxury we wish to have these days. Then Amazon eero mesh WiFi system AX1800 is the mesh system that you should invest your money in.

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